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CanadianBill - BFBC2 Ban Appeal
Forum » Forums » Contest Your Ban Here!
Joined: 21st Sep 2018
Rank: Guest
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21st Sep 2018


Not sure why I was banned. It appears Pensive banned me for "Reason: Admin Decision"

=GAG= pensive=Founder=
Joined: 15th Jun 2018
Rank: Founder
Likes 7
22nd Sep 2018

It was based on previous interactions with you by myself and other admins. We held a vote involving all admins and if you wish to make an appeal here you may let us know why we should allow you to play on our server and we will hold another vote on the issue. The vote will be held in the form of a poll. The vote duration will run for 7 days and the results will be final at that point. All members and admins get an equal vote and only 1 vote each so the poll will be fair. Others may comment and ask questions if they wish before casting their vote. You may also add comments, questions, and answers during this. The poll will be visible to members and admins only but the results of the poll will be made available to everyone at its conclusion.
Forum » Forums » Contest Your Ban Here!
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