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=GAG= pensive=Founder=
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13th Jul

Banning Admin(s): Pensive
This is where you put your name and then names of any other admins involved in the ban.

In-Game Name(s): SIDOMRD
This is where you put the name or names associated with the banned player.

Server: BC2 Main
This is where you put the server that the offense happened on. Example BC2 Main, BC2 Squad Rush, etc.

Date and Time: 7-13-2018 (auto-ban from script no date and time info)
This is where you put the date and time. Please use the following format. mm/dd/yy hh:mm am/pm and your time zone. Example: "06/16/18 09:02 PM EST"

Reason: Cheating
This is where you post the reason for the ban or mute. Example: Cheating, Team Killing, Racism, Sexism, Base Rape, Base Camping, etc.

Type: Ban
Just type mute or ban here depending on the type of action taken.

Ban Duration: Permanent
Duration of ban or mute. Example: 1 day, 1 week, 1month, Permanent

PB GIUID: 566e28ec4a246c6097c0c49965f52783


EA GUID: EA_BD1B95F5BA5DFED1C963770B660C0C11

Evidence: Tripped the auto-ban script. 38 kills 23 head shots @ 60.5% Head Shots Per Kill

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