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=GAG= pensive=Founder=
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16th Jun

ALL BANS other than a 1-60 minute "Cool-off Ban" must be recorded here. The banning admin shall make every attempt to to gather all the information required to complete this report. If you have any questions please see another admin for assistance. You must also copy the format below and paste it into your ban post and then fill in the required fields. The topic also should be named as such (Players in-Game Name then Ban or Mute and if mute an expiration date or indicate that it is Permanent.) Example: "Pensive - Ban" or "Pensive - Mute exp. 6/16/18" or "Pensive - Mute - Permanent". Do not use the quotes though, they are here just to indicate the examples.

Banning Admin(s):
This is where you put your name and then names of any other admins involved in the ban.

In-Game Name(s):
This is where you put the name or names associated with the banned player.

This is where you put the server that the offense happened on. Example BC2 Main, BC2 Squad Rush, etc.

Date and Time:
This is where you put the date and time. Please use the following format. mm/dd/yy hh:mm am/pm and your time zone. Example: "06/16/18 09:02 PM EST"

This is where you post the reason for the ban or mute. Example: Cheating, Team Killing, Racism, Sexism, Base Rape, Base Camping, etc.

Just type mute or ban here depending on the type of action taken.

Ban Duration:
Duration of ban or mute. Example: 1 day, 1 week, 1month, Permanent




You can obtain the PB GUID, IP, and EA GUID from Procon as such as seen here.

This is where you will post screenshots of chat logs or stats. You may also post testimony of your own and that of other admins.
Last Edit: 16th Jun by pensive
Forum » Forums » Bad Company 2 Locked
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