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ClamDigger69 - Ban
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=GAG= pensive=Founder=
Joined: 15th Jun
Rank: Founder
Likes 5
12th Oct

Banning Admin(s): Pensive

In-Game Name(s): ClamDigger69

Server: GAG Main Server

Date and Time: Oct 12, 2018 10:50 AM EST

Reason: Intentional team Killing

Type: Ban

Ban Duration: Permanent

PB GIUID: d7d72d05c6c397cbf1d75e0db192e736


EA GUID: EA_4CE1AE49C1A8C00393B34C4093F0642C

This person was only killing team mates. I warned them, then kicked them, then warned them again, then banned them. After the ban when pulling info for this post I see they have 31 team kills and no enemy kills. Initially I had made the ban for 2 weeks but after seeing this I have converted the ban to a permanent Ban. Should the individual come to our forum and contest the ban and agree to follow our rules the ban may be lifted under the condition that if it happens again the Ban will be reinstated and will remain permanent.

Forum » Forums » Bad Company 2
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