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Omg VR
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Omg VR
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14th Sep

Not been playing BFBC2 for a few weeks. Got myself an HTC Vive. They’ve dropped quite a bit in price since last year. They’re $500 now when they were I think $850 a year ago.

I don’t know if anybody has got one or used one but this is literally insane. This is the biggest change in gaming I’ve experienced in over a decade. I don’t know if it’s possible to run BFBC2 over this. I think it might be with some software.

I’ve spent the last few days playing Pavlov. A shooter sort of similar. Graphics aren’t as good but the immersion is incredible. You have to know how to actually load each weapon and you can move about... ducking, crouching behind cover etc.

If you can... check this stuff out. I think the HTC is the one to get as it tracks movement the best. This is the future for sure. I’ve not had this much fun gaming since BF2.
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8th Oct

I've always been interested in VR but the price of it on its own and the need to update to a more powerful laptop with a GTX 1060-1080 kept me on the fence. Personally I was going to go the Rift route with extra sensors. The price for everything including laptop and misc accessories was ~$1700. I was pretty set on it a few months ago but some unforeseen circumstances killed that plan. I went as far as pre-downloading a bunch of games/apps though.

Steam Virtual Desktop looked pretty rad and highly customizable and if memory serves me, it had the ability to play ROMS through the app.
Project Cars 2- I was really lookin forward to that one in VR with steering wheel and pedals
Robo Recall- has that Time Crisis feel and caught my eye
Superhot- FPS
Resident Evil 7
Arizona Sunshine- Zombie FPS
Killing Floor- Zombie FPS ... /tAsEr6q

Pavlov- I think i've seen videos of that. Military FPS I think? I remember seein' dude goin prone and it followed his movements and aim with plenty of precision.

There are also apps (as far as Rift goes, I havent really researched Vive), that can convert most (or any) games into VR. I've seen a few videos of Battlefield 1 on VR but from the comments of the person playing- it causes extreme nausea.


VorpX is the non-VR game app I was thinking of though it costs some dough and pirated copies are questionable.

QuoteSteamVR has its own built-in virtual cinema mode which Valve calls Desktop Theater. Inside you’ll see a big virtual display which can be resized. To launch games inside of SteamVR’s Desktop Theater, just launch SteamVR first (the little ‘VR’ icon at the top right of Steam), then launch a non-VR game from your library like usual (or use the VR interface). As far as we know, only games that support Steam Broadcasting are compatible.
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