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Welcome to Global Alliance Gaming!

We believe in Equality, Non-Discrimination, and Cheat Free Gaming. We are here to have fun and play various games together. If this sounds like what you are looking for then look no further and come visit us in game and on discord.

We currently host the following game servers:

Battlefield Bad company 2:
To be updated soon!

7 Days to Die:
GAG Global Alliance Gaming PVE Modded
Click to Join 7D2D Server 1
GAG - Global Alliance Gaming PVE MODED 2
Click To Join 7D2D Server 2


Just search GAG under modded servers or connect via ip @

Ark Survival Evolved:
GAG Global Alliance Gaming Aberration Cluster
Click to Join Aberration
GAG Global Alliance Gaming Extinction Cluster
Click to Join Extinction
GAG Global Alliance Gaming Ragnarok Cluster
Click to Join Ragnarok
GAG Global Alliance Gaming Scorched Earth Cluster
Click to Join Scorched Earth
GAG Global Alliance Gaming The Island Cluster
Click to Join The Island
GAG Global Alliance Gaming The Center Cluster
Click to Join The Center

Insurgency (Standalone) :
To be updated soon!

All of our servers can be found by typing GAG into the search field for that specific game. The Ark servers do not show up to everyone while searching but you can add the addresses provided to your favorites in steam and they will show up right away.

Thank You For Your Interest and Support of Global Alliance Gaming Where "Together we are one!"

More content will be posted as we are setting up this new site. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
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4 days ago Tyler Schesel has applied through the recruitment application Application To Join Global Alliance Gaming Community!
4 days ago Tyler Schesel just joined our community, welcome!
16th Jun RedCharles created a new topic That was fun
It was fun playing with you guys last night.
16th Jun RedCharles just joined our community, welcome!
13th May Dazzletrap just joined our community, welcome!
25th Apr Koolu just joined our community, welcome!
11th Apr =GAG= pensive=Founder= created a new topic Ark Server Cluster Mod List and Settings!
Our Ark server cluster utilizes every map. The server settings and mod list is t...
20th Feb =GAG= Mikoleo=Founder=
Hello to all!
It's been much too long since I was last here. Many things are going on in my life. I've been in and out of Florida for the last 2 months several times and my father has had some strokes so, I have moved him to my home.
I haven't had a chance to boot my pc up in months and I see no near future gaming.
It's all good though, don't get me wrong but, I will not be on the community or bfbc2 until we get our new routine lined out. I enjoy the time online with you all and will stop in when I can.
Please do what you feel you must.

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